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Steered personally by Kulwinder Singh, Founder and Director, Hunky Homes, is recognised as a professionally managed organisation that prides itself in constructing and renovating residential properties of its diverse clientele.

Kulwinder is ably supported by a team of enthusiasts, which includes, but is not limited to site supervision, finance, contracts, supply chain, human resources, marketing and legal.

Recognising the importance of a strong foundation in building long-lasting properties, Hunky Homes has a dedicated Concreting Unit, which consists of specialised manpower, machinery, tools and equipment.

To add further value to your project, Hunky Homes brings on board experienced trade specialists who work under the company’s guidelines and its strict quality standards. Some of the examples of such trades are carpentry, brick laying, electrical, plumbing, insulation, and pest control, etc.

The multi-lingual team of Hunky Homes speaks your language, for a seamless communication

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